Servicing every neighborhood in Boston proper and always expanding! Join us for a walk through our beautiful city or a play date in the park. We love all sizes, ages, and breeds of dogs. If you’re covered in fur then you’ll fit right in!

Daily Group walks

10 am – 4 pm ( 4 dogs maximum)

This is our most popular service. Dogs are paired up according to age, size, energy level and can just stroll as a pack or romp in the park together.

30 minutes $15

40 minutes $18

60 minutes $26

Twice Daily

30 minutes $28

40 minutes $32

60 minutes $46

Daily Solo walks

10 am – 4 pm

This is for the dog that just needs to have individual attention for whatever the reason. Maybe you just had surgery or you are a little older and prefer a slower pace. Or you just want to be alone. We can do that!

20 minutes $18

40 minutes $24

Twice Daily

20 minutes $32

40 minutes $44


10 am – 4 pm up to 6 months old

For that brand new addition to the family! We can handle feedings, potty breaks with positive training and some playtime for your new pal. 20 minute walk.

One visit $15

Two visits $28

Three visits $36

Evening Walks

4 pm – 6 pm

For those times you just can’t break away from work or have dinner plans with friends and can’t make it back. We will handle feeding if needed as well. This service is for our full time clients.

20 minutes $25

Weekend Walks

10 am – 4 pm

Have a wedding or party to attend but the dog can’t come? No problem. With at least a weeks notice we can help! This service is for our full time clients.

20 minutes $25

Cat Visits

Daily 10 am – 4 pm

We aren’t just dogs. If you have a feline friend that needs love we are here to help. Visit includes feeding, water change, litter box cleaning and administering any medications needed.

One visit $25

Special Services

10 am – 4 pm For full time clients

Vet Visit $25

Groomer Drop off / pick up $25

Lock out $25

And for non full time clients as well

Plant watering $15

Feeding / checking on any other animal $25

All holidays add $10 per walk

Please note all walks must be cancelled by 9am day of service to avoid full walk charge.